Drop the Facade Day 3


It’s week three of our pledge to #endclientshaming by being therapists who are honest about our personal struggles. Lord knows I can’t say I’ve always used my stress ball to relieve tension or meditation to release frustration. Let’s #dropthefacade once more by sharing some of the unhealthy ways we’ve coped with stress, pain, loss, and all the other challenging scenarios life brings.

I had a phase where sex with almost randoms and drinking/partying Wednesday-Saturday were my thing (I lived in Atlanta at the time and everyone knows there’s some club open every night of the week there 😂). Literally blacking out four nights a week made for painless nights and interesting stories, but Sundays were stressful af because I had to clean up all the physical, emotional, and mental mess of the weekend in preparation for work Monday. This isn’t the only time I’ve coped maladaptively, but it’s the one that first comes to mind. What’s your story? #TrapTherapist


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