Drop the Facade Day 2


Remember, this month is all about therapists sharing! Every Tuesday I’ll be asking a question that challenges you to #dropthefacade and be honest about your mental health journey. My goal is to humanize therapists, because not only are we amazing healers, we’re people who experience some of the same struggles our clients do and knowing that may make treatment a less daunting option for someone who’s on the fence about it. • What self-care strategy has gotten you through some your toughest times? I swear by my morning meditation routine. Instead of starting each day checking my text messages, emails, or social media accounts, I spend time in silence, acknowledging thoughts and feelings that threaten to steal the joy of the day. Pledging not to surrender the first portion of my morning to other people has done WONDERS for my mental health. It was tough at first – to break the cycle – but I quickly realized that all those messages and notifications would be right there waiting for my attention after I finished taking care of me and could stand to be held off on acknowledging.


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