#DropTheFacade Day 1


It’s #NationalSuicidePreventionMonth2018 and I wanna do something off the wall (as usual 😈). Y’all wit’ me? …most educational programs for aspiring helpers teach us in a roundabout way that the only way we can be effective is to dehumanize ourselves. This means professionally, we come off as problem-less, causing our clients to feel even more alone in their struggles, as if only people “like them” hurt and cope with their pain in maladaptive ways. The truth is though – we hurt too AND we don’t always deal with it wisely! In an effort to #DropTheFacade, I want to start a wave of therapist shares. This month will be dedicated to us being transparent in hopes that our openness will help those our silence hasn’t. That said, the most mentally and emotionally challenge time I’ve ever had occurred almost five years ago when my only brother died in a car crash at age 21. I was living in Atlanta, over 600 miles from home (Portsmouth, VA; where he died). Less than two month before that I’d been laid off from the job I used as my main source of income due to a company closure. I hadn’t recovered financially and wouldn’t find a replacement job until over a month later. I was also in the middle of a “situationship” break-up and was told I “didn’t deserve [his] emotional support during my time of grief.” So there I was broke, confused, intimately alone, and without a brother. ••• Will you share? #TrapTherapist



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